Vietnamese Document Localization Services


Being among the fastest Asian economic growth countries combined with a large population of 97 million people – over half of which are on working-age are two main factors that make Vietnam a potential target market for many companies going global. To reach the Vietnamese audience quickly and effectively, the use of Vietnamese on your daily business documents is a must. However, some documents need more than just translation – they need changes and adaption to meet the tastes and social norms of the target markets. Or in other words, these documents need localizing.

Our team of native translators and subject matter expertise with a deep cultural richness understanding offers you best-in-class Vietnamese document localization services. When localizing documents with us, all possible unsuitable languages, symbols or writing styles, from small elements like numerical values to bigger problems like the offensive expression in your documents will be eliminated to ensure the best language and culture acceptability in the host country.



Our linguists have experiences in translating and localizing a wide range of documents.

    • Use manuals
  • Patents
    • Installation and maintenance manuals
  • Annual reports
    • Handbooks
  • Business documents
    • Contracts
  • Business Plans
    • Digital Content
  • Marketing materials
    • Financial reporting
  • Company profile
    • Corporate Materials
  • Product specifications
    • Personal Documents (Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Will, etc.)
  • Academic Documents (Certificates, Applications, etc.)




We translate your documents such as annual reports, use manuals, etc.  into Vietnamese and make changes in the images and design to fit the cultures.

Step 1 – Document analysis: We deep analyze your documents to allocate the most suitable resources

Step 2 – Translation process: Your documents are translated, localized by our translator and subject-matter expert before edited and proofread by other linguists.

Step 3 – Desktop Publishing (DTP): To make documents attractive and easy to read, our desktop publishing operators use DTP and photo-imaging software to put together text and graphics.

Step 4 – Delivery: We deliver the final documents to our clients.

Document localization localization



We have a pool of certificated linguists with real-work experience in various types of Vietnamese document content, including:









1. 100% native linguists

To guarantee the best quality of each and every Vietnamese document localization project, we carefully choose the most suitable team of native linguists. They all meet our basic requirements as follow:

      • Have a Bachelor’s Degree in translation from leading universities such as Hanoi UniversityVietnam National University, etc.
      • Have at least 5 years of professional translation experience.
      • Have deep insights into the Vietnamese cultures and lifestyles.


2. Deadline Compliance

Each member of our team, from linguistics to PMs is fully aware of the sense of urgency for delivering every project on time. We make punctuality a habit by continuous training and working our best every day. That’s why 98% of our projects are delivered on time or ahead the time. And we never wait until the last minutes to deliver.


3. ISO 9001:2015 certificated agency

Among companies that earned ISO 9001:2015 certification, GTE Localize strictly adheres to the highest requirements for an effective quality management system. We aim at consistently providing superior services to all customers by improving our process and training our staff as well as our team of translators constantly.


4. Best rate guaranteed

Having worked in the translation and localization industry for years, we have a wide network of top-rated native in-house as well as freelance translators and editors with extensive local knowledge in Vietnam. Once we receive your Vietnamese document localization orders, we know exactly where to find the best linguists with long experience in translation and subject-matter expertise yet having the most competitive rates.